H E Ambassador Dr-Sima Karetnaya

Ambassador, UN Global Peace

Dr. Sima Karetnaya

United States of America

Ambassador Dr. Sima Karetnaya came to the United States from Ukraine 25 years ago. She originally had an educational background as a cardiopulmonary surgical nurse. She is a United States Ambassador of Health and Global Peace in the world’s Global Peace Chain, Certified Member of Medical Expert Committee at the WHO, USA Representing Public Health Expert at the International Society of Health Education, International Consultant at the International Organization of Local Government that is accredited with the United Nations, and President at the Public Health Advisory of the Borough of Brooklyn. She had received the New York State Assembly Certificate of Merit in 2017 for having assisted in organizing a child talent concert consisting of various ethnic dances and songs. During the winter of 2018, Amb. Dr. Karetnaya participated in the New York State Assembly and New York State Senate sessions in the NYS Capital at Albany, NY to vote on the historic Child Victims Act bill. This bill involved major justice reforms concerning children who suffered and still suffer sexual and other forms of abuse and it received a majority vote. Immediately following that, she was invited to attend the signing of this bill into law by then NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo.

3:00 - 4:00

Saturday 24th Sept

The Right to Peace

Everyone has the right to enjoy peace such that all human rights are promoted and protected and development is fully realized.”2 This provision entitles all human beings to the benefits that stem from the three UN pillars–peace, human rights and development.